Update V1.1 - Released!

V1.1 Patch Notes:

+ Added new Bomb idle animation 

+ Added spawn point animation for bomb 

+ Added new 3 sec Counter animation for the bomb

+ Updated Bomb Explosion animation

+ Added dust explosion animation for destroyed columns

+ Bombs can now destroy enemies with one blast.

+ Added/enabled basic enemy patroller that roams around platforms.

+ Implemented new instructions screens with images and OK button.

+ Added universal Death animations to enemies when hit by bomb.

+ Disabled the camera following the Player for now.

+ Added new behaviour for bomb and targeting reticle that pops up on enemies.

+ New 'anticipate' player animation implemented for both the planting animation and the wind up when he throws the bomb.

+ Adjusted colliders to platforms

+ Hidden Checkpoint Tip until we start using it in other levels/worlds.

+ Heavily refined Player movement and behaviour

+ Removed the standard jump ability.

NOTE: While this is a significant update to the demo, there may still be collider issues present so we will continue to refine the game as much as possible. More to come!


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